Safe House Wellness Retreat Reviews – Patient Testimonial 10

I am a single mother and my daughter means the world to me. I have always given her total freedom because I trust her and know that she will never do anything reckless but teenagers can sometimes become difficult to deal with. They become rebellious and stop listening.

My daughter was only 18 when I realised she was taking drugs. My mind stopped working. I could not believe that my sweet little daughter could fall into such a trap. She was a smart and intelligent girl. I did not know how to deal with the situation. I spoke to her about it but she vehemently denied. I knew I had to handle the situation carefully because I did not want to lose my only daughter. Since she had not been taking drugs since long, I had to take her to a rehab as soon as possible so that she could get de-addicted while it was still controllable. I could not get her admitted to a rehab in US since she would lose her friends and her reputation was at stake.

An Indian neighbour told me about Safe House Wellness Retreat in New Delhi, India. I searched for them on the internet and found good reviews. My daughter always wanted to go to India and I realised I can use this as an excuse to take her to the rehab. I managed to convince her that we were going to India for a trip. After hesitating for some time, she finally agreed. I took her to Delhi during her winter break. She was shocked when I took her to the wellness retreat. She cried and protested and accused me of tricking her. My heart broke when I saw her being dragged away as she cried and shouted at me. A part of me wanted to get her back but I knew this was for her own good. Since the addiction was not strong, the doctors told me that she can be cured in just one month. If the treatment required, they might extend her stay.

My daughter has always been a fighter. The team at Safe House made her understand the mistakes she had made and how she was becoming a drug addict. She soon realised that I wished nothing but the best for her. I visited her every day and witnessed her recovery in person. She cooperated with the doctors and followed the routine religiously. The rehab has many facilities for the patients. My daughter loves swimming and she swam every day. It made her feel like she was leading a regular life. The only problem was the food. It was very different from what she had in US because the culture and eating habits in both the countries are quite different from each other. I spoke to the staff about it and they understood her problem. They customized the meals according to her liking. She never skipped meals thereafter and attended the lectures and counselling sessions on time. After a month and a half, she was totally cured. I went to pick her up the day she was leaving Safe House. She looked beautiful as ever and was happy. I took her to all the Indian cities she wanted to visit.

Coming from a different country, it was very difficult for me to trust someone in India. I had to allow them to take responsibility of my daughter. But I am grateful to Safe House for helping me deal with the most difficult phase of my life. My daughter and I are closer than before now and I am glad that her drug addiction is finally cured.

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