The Role Of Safe House Wellness Retreat In Helping Addicts & Alcoholics

Rehabilitation centre: its various roles and functions

It is common these days to find rehab locations filled with the crème and chic of the society. Is it really because they are more prone to drugs or alcohol? Is it because they have the financial resources to help themselves? The answer is no. All categories of people who wish themselves well, opt for these centres. And what steps are involved in the treatment of addiction?

  1. Detoxification is a must for all patients planning to enter any rehab related centre because it involves the process of getting rid of all addictive substances from the body. It is only after a patient had undergone this process that he or she can be certified to be fit for further treatment and assistance. The good thing about this step is the fact that both professional doctors and nurses are readily available to monitor each of such patients. If you think this will last for eternity; no, it takes just few days to one week. This implies that addicts will be checked in as in-patients between three and five days. Detoxification helps patients cope with various symptoms and to combat the real crisis that initiated their treatment in the first place.
  2. The process of diagnosis is necessary because almost all addicts have one form of psychiatric disorders or the other. These range from anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, sleep disorder among others. Identifying these problems will help in the entire treatment procedure hence, the connection with therapists or psychiatrists by Safe House Wellness Retreat.
  3. Cognitive process. This step is a therapy geared towards helping addicts acknowledge the particular life situation that is making them get prone to abusing drugs. The knowledge of such situations can go a long way in helping them device other alternative lifestyles. This is hinged on the idea of a problem identified is way half-solved. The skill of assertion; learning to say no, is passed across at this stage. For instance, a lot of alcoholics drink or go to bar as a way of escapism. At this stage, they are taught how to face reality or think of alternative means of combating such problems instead of ruining their lives.
  4. Family members’ involvement. The reason many addicts feel isolated, unwanted and depressed is because they have been written off by their family members. The only way such internal healing can be brought to reality is through the involvement of their family members. They will respond faster when they see their spouses, siblings, parents or kids around them. There will be the hope of acceptance as well as smooth and healthy relationship after the treatment at the rehabilitation centre.
  5. Medical treatment. The purpose of rehab is to administer relevant medications to patients. There are various approved drugs that can be administer on patients to ensure quick recovery and adjustment to normal daily living. Some of these are: Campal, Suboxone, Methadone among others. The amazing thing is that some of these drugs help to reduce cravings as well as withdrawal tendencies.
  6. Follow up programs. There are several follow up programs that all rehabs; includingSafe House Wellness Retreat, make available for their patients. Some are broken into a number of days where all treated patients are expected to attend meetings or counseling for specified days. Others include encouraging patients to participate in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or in specific therapy classes.

A lot of experts have proven rehab treatments to be result oriented; hence, the need for drug and alcohol addicts to get involved for immediate help. A lot of alcoholics are truly not happy with their present state. Perhaps they need proper support, guidance, orientation and encouragement from friends, family and other stakeholders.  It is obvious that patients suffering from any of these addiction problems might be having brain disease because addiction itself affects the brain.

Understanding how addiction works depends on its underlying factor. This can either be genetic or behavioural. As a genetic factor or component, one is born to inherent such addiction traits from parents while the behavioural one is one that is developed as one is growing either through habit or peer influence. There seems to be a similarity between addiction and other sicknesses like having high level of cholesterol and diabetes. The only remedy to these categories of diseases at present is having a change of behavior and lifetime treatment.

Similarly, rehab centres like Safe House Wellness Retreat continues to work on their patients until they have permanent change of behavior because giving up on them cannot amount to anything. Just like other categories of people, they have their peculiar challenges which time will take care of if they are patiently and consistently cared for. There is the possibility of relapse though, but one needs to stay positive about them. If 50 patients are treated in a centre and 25 becomes remorseful and turn a new leaf, one should not be discouraged because of others who relapsed into their ill behaviours. They will surely come back for another set of treatment and perhaps have a permanent rethink and change.

One of the roles of result oriented rehabilitation centre is staying positive even when there are cases of relapse in patients.




—      Dr. Vijay Srivastava – MD (Psychiatry)

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